Addiction Studies Curriculum


The online Bachelor of Science in Addiction Studies curriculum is designed to help you develop the knowledge, values, and skills you need to recognize the social determinants of health that influence an individual’s exposure to substance abuse. In your online courses and during an internship seminar, you will examine the historical context of substance abuse in the United States; develop critical thinking and cultural competence for treatment planning; and provide quality, equitable counseling services to people in your community who are living with substance abuse and addiction issues.

Key Content Areas

A Simmons education will prepare you to think and lead within your area of focus and beyond. Our undergraduate experience includes courses in a variety of key content areas — such as science, culture, social history, and the arts — that represent different ways of thinking about the world and approaching complex topics. These learning opportunities, within and across disciplines, prepare our graduates to solve a wide range of challenges in their lives, careers, and communities.

Like many of our students who are continuing their academic journey with Simmons, you may have transferable credits that fulfill key content area requirements. Be sure to submit your academic transcripts for review — we accept up to 96 transfer credits.

Program Requirements

Below is a list of all required BS in Addiction Studies courses. Note that some courses in this program may have prerequisites.

Addiction Studies Core Courses

There are 11 required classes for this major:

Course #TitleCredits
PSY 101
Introduction to Psychological Science
PSY 201
Biological Psychology
PSY 244
Drugs and Behavior
SOCI 285
Drugs and Society
SOCI 241
Health, Illness, and Society
PH 261
Introduction to Public Health Promotion
Social Work and Addictions
SW 255
Interviewing and Documentation in Human Services
Motivational Interviewing Strategies with Addictions
PH 237
Addictions Assessment and Counseling in Public Health
PH 370
Internship Seminar (capstone course: internship, with research paper and presentation)