Meet Health Care MBA Student, Corinna McFarland ‘15MBA

Using her Simmons coursework, Corinna McFarland moves into role that combines data analysis and strategic planning.

As a Decision Support Analyst in the Finance Department at Boston Children’s Hospital, Corinna McFarland helps clinical care areas improve by matching revenues to patient-level costs and diagnoses. She credits her Simmons Health Care MBA (HCMBA) coursework with preparing her for this role. “I wasn't sure if I should apply for the Financial Analyst job at Children’s” McFarland says, “but in the interview I knew all the ‘lingo’ and felt really confident in my knowledge and skills.” 

As she considered master’s programs, McFarland really wanted a program that offered the business skills with a health care lens. The Simmons HCMBA integrated all the subjects in a way that other combined program did not and allowed her to continue to work full time in health care. 

Once in the program, the Health System course introduced her to the world of health management and reform and inspired her to explore career opportunities where she could make a difference. As she absorbed data analysis and strategic planning skills, she saw a connection to operational management of hospitals. Her non-traditional finance role at Children’s allows her to combine all of these things. 

In managing the competing demands of working full time and going to school, McFarland learned to adjust her homework schedule to adapt to school, work, and personal commitments. Group projects with other busy, working students could be particularly challenging. She found that the HCMBA faculty understood the challenges of being a part-time student/full-time employee and worked to coordinate big deliverables in each class. 

With the skills she has gained, McFarland envisions a continued, successful career in health care.