Ed Vieira Helps Students Understand Statistics in the Real World

Professor Vieira discusses his new introductory statistics textbook

Professor Edward Vieira, Jr., M.B.A., Ph.D., has been working at the Simmons College School of Management for over a decade, sharing his passion for quantitative research methodologies, marketing research, and strategic public relations at the undergraduate and graduate levels. When not in the classroom, Vieira is hard at work compiling his 30 years of academic experience into a student-friendly introductory statistics textbook, Introduction to Real World Statistics. This textbook will provide statistics in an understandable voice, including video materials, which will make topics more exciting for students. 

“Arguably, these types of textbooks cover statistical formulas and topics that are not easily usable by introductory learners. The level of detail often becomes overwhelming and the student experiences a loss of interest in studying statistics,” says Vieira. “This textbook focuses on constructing a foundation of understanding where the student can simply learn and use the covered statistical tools without learning formula or unnecessary details.”

Vieira began drafting his work in January 2015. He is currently working with Pyrczak Publishing in Los Angeles to publish the textbook. Pyrczak Publishing is a statistics and research specialty publishing house, focused on maintaining reasonable book costs for students and other readers, which is why Vieira reached out to them with his idea two years ago.

Vieira is the sole author, however, he works with multiple editors and also consults with Dr. Jim Watt Professor Emeritus, one of his mentors from his time as a graduate student at the University of Connecticut.

“I believe that everything can be explained in mathematical terms. This is especially relevant today, with technology providing a great deal of data at our fingertips,” says Vieira. “We need more individuals trained in this area, statistical analysis, in order to make more accurate and greater sense of our world.”

Professor Vieira’s textbook, Introduction to Real World Statistics, is scheduled to be published by the end of 2016.