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Months to Complete

Earn an MPH Online in Just Over One Year

Our online accelerated Master of Public Health (MPH) program is designed for highly motivated professionals who wish to advance their careers at a faster pace by completing their degree in just 15 months. This intensive program is offered each July and includes the same 42-credit curriculum grounded in health equity and social justice as our traditional MPH program— with a heavier course load per term and shorter time to complete.

Because of the accelerated program’s demanding pace, students are not permitted to work while enrolled.

Online MPH Accelerated Program Curriculum


Core Courses


Elective Courses


In-Person Immersions


Health Equity Change Project

Public Health Courses

The program covers the traditional core areas of public health:

  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • Health Policy/Health Services
  • Environmental Health
  • Social/Behavioral Health

MPH@Simmons online students explore each core content area with an emphasis on health equity, social justice, and practice-based strategies for addressing population health. Students also customize their learning through an elective course, key program assignments, and the Health Equity Change Project to fit their specific public health interests and professional goals.

Explore the accelerated MPH course sequence.

In-Person Immersion Experiences

During two required in-person immersion experiences, students gain hands-on public health experience within different place-based contexts. Our Boston immersion takes place in October, and our Arizona immersion takes place in January and April.

Learn more about in-person immersions.

Health Equity Change Project

The curriculum culminates in the Health Equity Change Project, an applied learning experience that provides the opportunity to create, implement, and evaluate a public health program or campaign focused on improving health equity in students’ own communities.

Learn more about the Health Equity Change Project.

Why an Accelerated Online MPH Program?

Students with the time commitment and drive choose our accelerated MPH program to fast-track their ability to make an impact on public health and health equity. The program, running from one academic summer to the next, is ideal for medical school applicants, those completing residencies who would like to grow their public health expertise during their gap year, and others who can dedicate just over one year to an MPH in order to advance their careers in clinical research, policy, or another area of public health.

Why MPH@Simmons?

Our online MPH program’s combination of innovative coursework, bold leadership, immersive on-the-ground experiences, tools to implement health equity, and hands-on practical learning opportunities help students develop a critical lens and understanding of health equity and social justice — and prepare to address the most intractable public health issues.

MPH@Simmons empowers rising public health change-makers as they:

  • Define their purpose. Our curriculum provides a framework for students to engage with their passion and become a content expert on the issues that matter most to them.
  • Learn from leaders. Our faculty are active in the field and provide mentorship based on their real-world research and advocacy experience.
  • Join us from anywhere. Students can collaborate with peers in live online classes, attend faculty office hours, and access immersive course content anytime on our innovative virtual campus.

Ready to Shape the Future of Public Health?

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