In addition to required and elective courses (46 credit hours), MBA@Simmons students attend two in-person immersion courses (1 credit each). 

Held in person in major business cities around the world, immersions allow students to:

  • Develop deeper relationships with fellow classmates and faculty
  • Learn from and network with guest speakers who are leaders in their fields
  • Participate in hands-on, collaborative learning experiences
  • Immerse themselves in diverse cultures and business practices

Example Immersions

For Profit, For Good: Finance in the Service of Society

In the past two decades, the notion of blended value investing has gained credence, even among the most cynical of managers. Moreover, it is widely recognized that lenders and investors, as the ultimate financial decision makers, have special responsibilities in this regard. Investing in women through microfinance, gender lens investing, or other instruments also plays a special role in this arena. Blended value — which encompasses the social, environmental, and financial performance of a business — will only become more important in a globalized economy marked by scarce and shrinking resources.

This immersion course will explore the drive, the opportunities, the challenges, and the needs of this movement to integrate greater societal goals into the world of finance. It will empower students to view their financial decision making through social, environmental, and gender lenses for the benefit of themselves, their companies, and their societies.


Solving Financial Management Problems:
Show Me the Money

In this multiday immersion on the Simmons University campus, students will learn and practice financial management problem-solving techniques in simulated work environments based in the health care industry. The course will teach students to navigate and solve financial management challenges common to leaders in many disciplines, such as negotiating contracts and collecting on those agreements.

Students will learn about the crucial intersection between big picture policy and implementation as they:

  • Practice identifying and working toward desired outcomes for contract negotiation with other parties.
  • Practice identifying and implementing improved processes within revenue cycles.
  • Practice critical teamwork and thinking behaviors, such as managing high workload, making decisions, communicating effectively, and coordinating under stress.
  • Observe the outcome of mistakes made in a simulated environment and gain insight into consequences of actions.
  • Network with other MBA and Health Care MBA students, Simmons faculty, and expert guest speakers.


Leadership and Strategic Career Management

During the multiday immersion, students will:

  • Gain perspective on their leadership style and identify ways to strengthen their practices via 360° leadership assessments 
  • Assess their communication style and learn how to communicate more effectively with individuals who have different styles
  • Develop career strategies, including action plans that allow them to create the conditions for their own successes
  • Network with other MBA students from a variety of industries and backgrounds
  • Practice strategies for holding team members accountable for quality work and productive relationships


Understanding and Advancing Gender Equity in Business

This course will provide insights into the barriers to the advancement of women that continue to exist in the workplace. It will examine specific power dynamics that continue to keep barriers in place, identify the impact of barriers to equitable opportunity and advancement, and introduce strategies that are working to address and improve gender equity in workplaces.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize multiple historical and contemporary sources of barriers to the advancement of women in the workplace.
  • Understand the gendered natures, cultures, and power asymmetries of organization and the ways in which these dynamics privilege some people in organizations over others.
  • Apply theoretical and practical learning to strategically implement change for gender equity in organizations.


Immersion Cancellation Policy: Simmons reserves the right to cancel or reschedule immersion experiences due to weather, enrollment, or other factors that may impact the overall student experience.