Meet Health Care MBA Student, Sean Cunniffe ‘15MBA

Sean Cunniffe combines his clinical and technology-focused background with a HCMBA to lead technology improvements.

With an ambitious career goal to run a hospital or health system, Sean Cunniffe came to the Simmons Health Care MBA (HCMBA) program to build on his strong clinical and management background. This included clinical stints as a Registered Nurse and Emergency Medical Technician, as well as a position as Epic Training Team Lead and Instructional Designer. He was recently promoted to Practice Manager in the Department of Surgery at Boston Medical Center. In this role, he is leveraging the knowledge he has gained in financial management, strategic planning, and operations management.

With August graduation imminent, Cunniffe reflected that both professors and classmates in the HCMBA contributed to his learning. Anecdotal case studies from peers enhanced his understanding of different organizations within the industry. One of his favorite courses, Health Policy, brought together informative course content, excellent guest speakers, and exciting conversations in class.

As he pursued his degree, Cunniffe’s life has been eventful—he got a new job, got married, had a child, and bought a house. He acknowledges that balancing school and work with family can be challenging. His approach was to do school work during lunch breaks or while commuting and doing a little each day, to stay on top of the workload.

After graduation, Cunniffe is looking forward to continuing to advance his career in the health management field. He noted, “As a nurse I was able to take care of four, five, or six patients on a shift. I'm working toward the opportunity to lead a health care network or organization where I can help ensure the great care for forty, fifty, or sixty thousand.”