Meet Health Care MBA Student, Yiu Wing Wu ‘18MBA

Yiu Wing Wu and classmates talking while seated

Originally from Hong Kong, Yiu Wing Wu moved to Massachusetts to attend Boston College where he earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics. After graduation, Yiu Wing’s passion for helping others led him to pursue a career in health care. He says he always planned to pursue a master’s degree and, as an EMPI data analyst at Partners HealthCare in Boston, Simmons’ health care MBA program was a “no brainer.”

Why did you decide to pursue your master’s degree?
I see it as a gradual step in my journey of education and an essential requirement to become a leader in the health care field.

What made you decide to choose Simmons’ Health Care MBA program?
Not only does Simmons College have a long-standing collaboration with my employer, Partners HealthCare, its MBA in Health Care program is also a rarity in the world of MBA programs. Typically, MBA programs with concentrations in health care only provide a small number of health care related courses in their curriculum. The HealthCareMBA@Simmons curriculum actually offers 60 percent of health care related courses for students. In addition, many of the instructors and faculty members who teach in the program are innovators and leaders in the world of health care.

How has what you’ve learned in the program impacted your work?
One of the most important skills I have learned is to be more self-aware, especially regarding my strengths and weaknesses. I use my strengths to reach out to my teammates and lead them through obstacles. At the same time, my weaknesses help connect me with my teammates by fostering a collaborative environment. I am learning to count on my teammates to help me with areas that I might not be very strong in. 

Tell us about your experience collaborating with classmates in an online environment.
Although I had an initial reservation about attending a fully online master’s program, the flexibility of the virtual format made sense for me as a working professional. In addition, Simmons’ prestigious reputation made me believe that the online environment would not hinder my education. After finishing my first term, I can say that the online environment has exceeded my expectations. The interactive environment and face-to-face classes are very similar to attending class in person. The curriculum requires teamwork and the virtual workspace creates a productive environment. I did not initially expect to form strong relationships with other students in the program, but the virtual workspace allows me to establish meaningful connections with my classmates outside of the classroom. 

How will this degree move you closer to your long-term career goals?
My long-term career goal is to be an innovative leader in health care who can connect quality health care to people all over the world. HealthCareMBA@Simmons will provide not only the education that I need to better understand the health care industry, but it will also provide valuable connections to other influential leaders in health care. In order to make an impact in the health care world, I believe that one person is not enough. Simmons is building a community of health care leaders that I believe will help me achieve my goals.

What advice do you have for others considering this degree?
Don’t hesitate to start your graduate career in the Simmons MBA in Health Care program, it will be one of the best decision you make in your life.

Tell us about your immersion experience.
The entire weekend blew my expectations out of the water. Every topic presented at the immersion was relevant to my career, and I walked away with so many useful tools. Professor Cynthia Ingols and Elisa van Dam were both very knowledgeable and they created a safe environment for students to share their experiences. They challenged us to learn more.

What was the most valuable thing you learned during the immersion?
The connections that I made with the faculty and students. I truly understand the importance of social networking because I can see how each connection that I made during the weekend will help me in the future.

What session did you enjoy most?
I particularly enjoyed the branding session by Alesia Latson. Not only did she make the session fun, but she provided so much valuable knowledge and insight on how to successfully brand myself as a leader.

What was it like meeting and connecting with your classmates in person?
Although I have a great relationship with my classmates virtually, it was special to see them in person. For those that I met for the first time, it was delightful to meet them and to get to know them.