Meenakshi Verma-Agrawal

Assistant Program Director

Master of Public Health (MPH), University of Massachusetts Amherst
BS in Biology, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Meenakshi Verma-Agrawal serves as course designer for the Boston immersion: Racism, Oppression, and Health. Her areas of expertise include public health, organizational development, and racial justice. In addition to her role at Simmons University, Verma-Agrawal is an independent consultant who provides trainings to community-based organizations, public agencies, and corporations on how to lead with a racial justice analysis. Her clients include MetroWest Health Foundation, Boston Public Health Commission, and Boston Alliance for Community Health. She has been on the board of the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center for eight years. Verma-Agrawal’s work in racial justice is grounded in the training and mentorship from the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center’s Health Promotion Center, which focuses on the work of racial justice both inside and outside the health center. In 2016, Verma-Agrawal co-led The Summit on Race and Equity, a two-day conference held in Boston.

Verma-Agrawal has been a nonprofit and public health professional for the past decade. She has worked with family foundations, small and large nonprofits, and start-up organizations, both locally and internationally. As a director of a community-based organization in urban Boston, she successfully revitalized a struggling nonprofit by creating an income-generating plan to raise unrestricted funding.

While working in Bombay, India, Verma-Agrawal conducted a citywide public health analysis resulting in systemic changes in the city’s approach to patients’ rights and regulations. Working for nonprofits locally and nationally demonstrated the common struggles of organizations globally. She started writing grants professionally when she saw nonprofits struggling to raise funds through traditional approaches to fundraising and strategic planning. Throughout her career, Verma-Agrawal has been committed to sustainable nonprofits, combining successful aspects of the private and public sectors into each of her projects.

In the past seven years, she has worked with Boston’s most innovative and impactful nonprofits, including Hyde Square Task Force, Healthworks Community Fitness, and the Boston Alliance on Race and Equity. As a consultant and trainer, racial justice is the common thread throughout her work. As a person who racializes as Asian and is ethnically Indian, Verma-Agrawal’s work is rooted in building solidarity with other people of color in a collective movement toward liberation.