Weighing the Options: Food Faddism in America

Since 2013, the paleo diet has been the most-searched food fad on the internet, yet U.S. News & World Report ranked it as one the least effective among 37 other buzzworthy diets. With more than 100 million Americans a year sampling various nutrition regimens, Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) must stay on top of the latest trends to guide patients in making healthy choices. 

Patients typically consult health care providers during the summer months for advice on weight control, although for FNPs, helping patients maintain a healthy lifestyle is a year-round goal. As rates of nutrition-linked morbidities like heart disease and diabetes continue to soar, it is more important than ever for FNPs to educate their patients in making better food choices.

Refer to the infographic below to learn about the latest consumer diets and their nutritional pros and cons.

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