NURS 650: Epidemiology

2 Credits

Epidemiology is a blended learning course developed by Simmons University, Department of Nursing as part of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. The goal for this particular course is expand the viewpoint to a more population focus. Epidemiology is a population health, observational science the produces evidence to support causal inferences. Advanced Practice Nurses need to be able to find and interpret epidemiological literature to use in support of evidence based practice change, program development or policy/regulatory initiatives. Additionally expanding the focus from the individual care of clients to consider the health challenges of populations and community is becoming ever more important within the changing healthcare environment and economic challenges.

This blended course will prepare students to critically analyze epidemiological literature with a focus on health disparities. Emphasis will be placed on critically reading and interpreting published research in terms of applicability to the practice of health care professionals. Taught using self-directed readings, discussion groups, and focused assignments, this course provides a foundation for efforts to translate research into practice and improve health outcomes of individuals and populations.