PR and Marketing Communications Curriculum


The interdisciplinary online BA in Public Relations and Marketing Communications curriculum is designed to provide a firm understanding of current and rising trends in PR, advertising, branding, digital marketing, communications, and corporate social responsibility. Through core and elective courses and collaborative practical experiences, you will develop your skills in content strategy, branding, business analytics, and social media analytics — and prepare for a career leading messaging strategy and creation in virtually any industry.

Key Content Areas

A Simmons education will prepare you to think and lead within your area of focus and beyond. Our undergraduate experience includes courses in a variety of key content areas — such as science, culture, social history, and the arts — that represent different ways of thinking about the world and approaching complex topics. These learning opportunities within and across disciplines prepare our graduates to solve a wide range of challenges in their lives, careers, and communities.

Like many of our students who are continuing their academic journey with Simmons, you may have transferable credits that fulfill key content area requirements. Be sure to submit all academic transcripts for review — we accept up to 96 transfer credits.

Core Courses

Course #TitleCredits
COMM 121
Visual Communication
COMM 186
Intro to PR & Integrated Marketing Communication
COMM 281
Content Strategy and Creation

Required Courses 

Course #TitleCredits
BUS 250
Principles of Marketing
BUS 270
Business Analytics
COMM 210
Introduction to Graphic Design
COMM 286/ BUS 286
Advertising Practice and Branding
COMM 324
Social Media: Social Listening and Analytics

Capstone Requirement 

You will complete your degree of study with a capstone course, during which you’ll use what you’ve learned throughout the program to complete a real-world project. 

Course #TitleCredits
COMM 344
Communications Capstone

Course Spotlights

As a student in our online BA in Public Relations and Marketing Communications program, you’ll benefit from rigorous courses and thoughtful discussion with peers as you navigate through a blend of core courses, required courses, electives, and a real-world capstone project.

Comm 186: Introduction to Public Relations and Marketing Communications

Explores the nature and role of communications in marketing and the integration of public relations, advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, personal selling, and new media in the marketing communications plan. Analyzes marketing communications materials in various media and considers the economic and social implications of promotion.

Comm 281: Content Strategy and Creation

Explores the role and function of public relations and marketing communications materials. Examines techniques of writing and editing for identified target publics. Involves producing marketing communications materials intended for internal and external audiences.

BUS 251: Digital Marketing

Digital technologies give us new ways of building loyalty, connecting and interacting with customers and other stakeholders. This course is designed to get you to think like a digital marketing professional and give you the experience to lead marketing initiatives in digital environments.

BUS 270: Business Analytics

This course brings together knowledge and skills from statistics and business courses to help students effectively use quantitative analysis to understand and solve problems in organizations. Applications and examples used in the course will enable students to apply their learning to their primary area of academic and professional interest.