Public Health Curriculum


The BS in Public Health curriculum is designed to help you grow as a confident and skilled advocate, capable of influencing a healthier, more educated public. The program’s interactive coursework covers emerging research, trends, and solutions that can act as long-term prevention of an issue on a widespread scale — like the eradication of disease.

Key Content Areas

A Simmons education will prepare you to think and lead within your area of focus and beyond. Our undergraduate experience includes courses in a variety of key content areas — such as science, culture, social history, and the arts — that represent different ways of thinking about the world and approaching complex topics. These learning opportunities within and across disciplines prepare our graduates to solve a wide range of challenges in their lives, careers, and communities.

Like many of our students who are continuing their academic journey with Simmons, you may have transferable credits that fulfill key content area requirements. Be sure to submit all academic transcripts for review — we accept up to 96 transfer credits.

Program Requirements

Below are the public health course requirements. As a student in this program, you will complete core courses plus a capstone experience — which can be your choice of an internship, independent research project, or thesis.

Public Health Course Requirements

Course #TitleCredits
PH 101Introduction to Public Health4
BIOL 113General Biology4
CHEM 110General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry4
SOCI 241Health, Illness, and Society4
BIOL 104Introduction to Environmental Science4
BIOL 221Microbiology4
SOCI 245Global Health4
STAT 227
Introductory Statistics OR
Intermediate Statistics: Design & Analysis
COMM 312Health Communications4
PH 201Introduction to Epidemiology4
PH 345Health Systems & Policy4
SOCI 239
Foundations of Exercise and Health OR
Introduction to Social Research
 Electives (2)8

Capstone Requirement

Students complete their capstone requirement by taking our Public Health Seminar in addition to one of the following: a one-semester internship, a one-semester research experience, or a two-semester thesis. All students will create a presentation and submit an internship paper, research paper, or research thesis as the final products of their capstone experience.

Course #TitleCredits
PH 347Public Health Seminar4

Capstone Option 1: Internship

Course #TitleCredits
PH 370Internship4

Capstone Option 2: Independent Research Project

Course #TitleCredits
PH 350Independent Study4

Capstone Option 3: Thesis

Course #TitleCredits
PH 350Independent Study4
PH 355 Thesis4

Graduate Study Opportunities

The Department of Public Health has matriculation agreements in place for master’s programs in public health with Boston University School of Public Health (Select Scholars Program) and The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Interested students should discuss these options with the chair of the Department of Public Health once enrolled in the program.