SWO-706 Theories to Advance Practice

3 credits

This course is designed to deepen students’ understanding of theories inclusive of theories previously explored in SWO-704. Students will learn how to advance practice using DEI-P (diversity, equity, inclusion, and power) and DEIPAR (diversity, equity, inclusion, power, antiracist) lenses to understand the relevance and supporting science of incorporating theories of historical and generational trauma. Theories of institutional, structural, and individualized oppression will be discussed in the context of increasing awareness regarding: personal benefit of members of the dominant society from historical dehumanization of others; the impact of internalized and accommodated dehumanization in nondominant and dominant societal members; personal and corporate responsibility for creating the conditions of dehumanization; how culture creates and recreates dehumanization and acceptance of dehumanization; ethical implications of being complicit in dehumanization; and the role of resistance to rejection in the struggle to use DEIPAR frameworks.