SWO-711 Complex/Diverse Populations

3 credits

This course explores application of DEI-P (diversity, equity, inclusion, and power) and DEIPAR (diversity, equity, inclusion, power, antiracist) lenses with complex and diverse populations. Discussions will include application of theories discussed in prior practice courses to help students develop flexibility in thinking through various theories in different contexts. Students will learn to identify more effective ways to get “stuck” cases moving toward resolution, regardless of their prior fluency with resolving difficult cases. Students will explore the intersections of unconscious bias and historical and generational trauma on vulnerable and dominant populations. Discussions will include contrasting use of DEIPAR and generational trauma lenses to open up previously intractable issues with viewpoints from a colonized perspective designed to maintain frameworks of unconscious bias. Discussions will also explore internal resistances to deconstructing colonized perspectives in order to effectively apply antiracist frameworks.