SWO-421B Social Work Practice

The second semester of the yearlong course will focus on the action of social work practice, and on various ways of reflecting on that action. The course will continue and deepen application of the basic processes of social work practice to a wide range of issues and problems. In the first semester, particular attention has been given to a multilevel approach to assessment and intervention, and developing the skills sets that facilitate the helper-client relationship. In this semester, we will continue to deepen knowledge and skill in assessment, intervention and differential use of self, while introducing a variety of practice circumstances and contexts including societal and family violence, trauma, substance dependence and several theoretical and practice approaches including cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic. We will examine practice situations through case discussions, videos, roleplays, and experiential exercises. Prerequisite: SWO-421A. Two consecutive semesters of SWO-421 are required: SWO-421A and SWO-421B.