Online MS in Behavior Analysis

Program Overview

BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons, the online Master of Science in Behavior Analysis program from Simmons University, prepares students to earn their behavior analyst certification and make a difference in clients’ lives.

The program can be completed in as few as 23 months and includes online classes, a rigorous Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI)-verified curriculum, and extensive experience in the field.

85% BCBA®
Exam Pass Rate
Online and on-campus graduates had an 85% Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) exam pass rate in 2018 — 20% higher than the average pass rate of 65% for all first-time test-takers in 2018.1

Mentoring and Supervision-Focused Curriculum

Core Courses
Mentoring and Supervision Courses
Hours of Supervised Fieldwork
Total Credits

BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons offers an interdisciplinary exploration of the field of applied behavior analysis. The curriculum focuses on contemporary research and the full range of applications of behavior analytic principles, including the contexts of:

  • special education
  • behavioral medicine
  • organizational behavior management
  • instructional design
  • animal training

The curriculum includes both individual and group mentoring that takes place face to face on the virtual platform with Simmons faculty, as well as supervised practice at field sites near students’ communities. Together, these two experiences ensure that students gain the support, real-life experience, and individual feedback they need to become effective practitioners.

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1 Based on 2018 first-time BCBA® exam-takers, the most recent year for which results are available, as reported by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®. The 85% statistic includes graduates of the online and on-campus programs. The 65% statistic is the average pass rate of all first-time test-takers in 2018. Return to footnote reference