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SocialWork@Simmons Student Life Update – Clinicians of Color Student Group

To highlight the supportive and collaborative community that awaits prospective SocialWork@Simmons students, we are publishing a series of blog posts that feature many of our student life offerings.

Where Can Nurse Practitioners Work Without Physician Supervision?

Since the inception of the first Nurse Practitioner education program in 1965, men and women in the profession have experienced great success and heated opposition. 

Understanding the Psychological Effects of Breast Cancer

In the United States, more than 230,000 women and approximately 2,600 men receive a breast cancer diagnosis each year. Addressing the physical demands of the disease, however, is just one part of a comprehensive treatment regimen for breast cancer; treatment must account for patients' psychological needs as well.

Aging on the Streets: America’s Growing Older Homeless Population

The face of American homelessness is changing — into an older one. People 50 and older make up more than 30 percent of the nation’s homeless population. The growing number of older homeless people has altered the most pressing concerns unique and specific to the American homeless population.

The Welcome Project – Supporting the Needs of Immigrants

The Welcome Project helps ensure that immigrants are not pushed to the margins but included in all aspects of civic life. Giving immigrants access to the tools they need to succeed, like education, empowers them to find their own unique role in their new community.

Student Spotlight: Michael Toledo

Nursing@Simmons student Michael Toledo is a Miami, Florida, native who started his career as a basic X-ray machine operator at 20 years old. He worked in various health care settings, including urgent care, orthopedics, and family practice, until earning his associate degree in nursing at the age of 32. For the past seven years, he's been an ICU nurse in Wellington, Florida. Learn more about Michael, who is a part of the RN to MSN program's January 2015 cohort, in the Q&A below.