We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about our online Master of Science in Behavior Analysis program, BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons, below. If you are unable to find answers to your specific question here, our Admission Counselors are happy to help and can be reached at admissions@online.simmons.edu or 1-844-622-2872.

Questions About Online Learning

Questions About the Program

Questions About Student Support

Questions About Admission

Questions About Online Learning

What is the online learning experience like?

BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons uses a blend of live, online classes and self-paced content, as well as group and individual mentoring to ensure a high-quality learning experience and full mastery of behavior analytic principles. Our unique approach to online learning has contributed to the success of students from our online nursing, social work, MBA, and health care MBA programs.

What are live class sessions like?

Through our innovative online learning platform, students are able to attend Simmons’ highly respected behavior analysis master’s program from any place with an Internet connection. As a student, you will participate in weekly, live classes, hosted in a face-to-face online classroom. Classes are taught by the same expert faculty who teach in our on-campus programs. The live format encourages collaboration and connections with classmates and faculty, allowing students to forge real and lasting relationships.

How is the coursework delivered?

Course content is developed by Simmons faculty, who are nationally known experts in the field of behavior analysis. Our content is designed from the ground up in order to provide a rich online learning experience. Students engage with documentary-style videos, case studies, readings, and written and video assignments, which can be accessed at any time, giving students the ability to work at their own pace.

How is BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons different from other online programs?

Our unique mix of live classes and self-paced coursework ensures that students have an interactive, high-quality learning experience. The BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons curriculum is focused on the full range of applications for the principles of behavior analysis, which fosters strong results on the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®) examination and prepares students to enter the field as effective practitioners.

Additionally, our program includes rigorous group and individual mentoring components. Students participate in group mentoring with classmates and professors in a virtual classroom. Individual mentoring is also incorporated into our program, and eliminates the need for students to seek and pay for additional mentoring hours required to sit for the BCBA exam outside of the program.

Is there a difference between BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons and the on-campus program?

There is no difference in the curriculum, content, or rigor of BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons and the current on-campus program. The learning objectives remain the same between the programs; the main difference lies in the delivery format.

Will my diploma indicate that I earned my degree online?

No. Your diploma will state that you earned a Master of Science in Behavior Analysis from Simmons University.

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Questions About the Program

Is the BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons course sequence verified by the ABAI®?

Yes. The course sequence for Simmons’ online behavior analysis master’s program is verified by the Association for Behavior Analysis International® (ABAI®) and meets the coursework requirements to sit for the BCBA® examination.

What is the student-to-faculty ratio?

Classes generally consist of 20 or fewer students. This is to ensure that each student can develop close, personal connections with classmates and professors.

How many credits are required to complete the program?

Students are required to complete 42 credits of coursework including eight credits of mentoring. There is an additional three credit course, Autism Spectrum Disorders, which is mandatory for students who plan to practice in New York State and optional for others.

How long does the program take to complete?

The program can be completed in 23 months.

Is the online program available full time and part time?

BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons is a part-time program. View the course sequence and find out more about the program’s curriculum.

Will I be required to visit campus?

While there is no on-campus requirement, you are welcome to visit Simmons’s Boston campus at any time. You will also have access to the same campus services as our on-campus students, and will be invited to come to campus for graduation.

How will this program prepare me for certification and licensure?

The BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons’ program features a verified course sequence recognized by the ABAI® and includes 2,000 hours of mentoring and supervision, ensuring that students will graduate from the program having met the academic and fieldwork requirements to sit for the BCBA® certification exam.

If you intend to seek licensure as a behavior analyst, it will be your responsibility to determine the licensure requirements in the state(s) in which you plan to practice.

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Questions About Student Support

What type of support does Simmons provide for its students?

At Simmons, we are committed to the success of our students on an individual level. It is a principle that guides everything we do. From the moment you request information about the program to the day you earn your diploma and beyond, Simmons offers unmatched support services to assist you every step of the way. We offer comprehensive admission, enrollment, and academic support that help ensure each student’s success.

As a student in our online program, you will receive a dedicated Admission Counselor, who will work with you one-on-one throughout the admission process to answer any questions you may have about the program.

Once you are admitted, you will work directly with our student support team. Our student support specialists will help you acclimate to the virtual campus, provide technical support, and assist with registration each term. You will also be assigned an Academic Advisor who will help ensure you are meeting your academic goals.

How does Simmons support its graduates?

Once you graduate from the program, you will join Simmons’ extensive network of alumni who are leading practitioners and researchers in the field of behavior analysis. Throughout the program, you will have access to career services provided by Simmons. From creating a résumé to preparing for an interview and securing a job, our experienced career services team can assist you in developing the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career.

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Questions About Admission

Do I need to hold a particular undergraduate degree to be eligible for the program?

No. While applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university, the type of degree earned does not impact your eligibility for the program.

Are standardized test scores required to apply?

No. Applicants can submit GRE or GMAT scores if they choose, but these scores are not required for admission to the program.

Do I need to complete an interview?

An interview is not required; however, the admission committee may request an evaluative interview upon review of your completed application.

I’m not a U.S. resident. Can I apply?

No. BehaviorAnalysis@Simmons is open only to U.S. residents who currently reside in the United States.

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