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How Nurse Practitioners Can Help Save MassHealth, and Its Patients

Massachusetts is one of only 12 states that places significant restrictions on practice, requiring NPs to be supervised by a physician to develop treatment plans and prescribe medications. However, the state is making strides toward expanding the role of Nurse Practitioners, particularly in an effort to curb the growth of MassHealth spending, which accounted for two-thirds of statewide expenditures between 2013 and 2014 according to the 2015 Health Policy Commission report.

Why I Do It

As members of the SocialWork@Simmons community, our backgrounds are unique, with a shared dedication for our work and for the Simmons School of Social Work. What does social work mean to each of us? Why did we become social workers? Why did we join the SocialWork@Simmons community? “Why I Do It” tells these stories. 

Weighing the Options: Food Faddism in America

Learn about the latest consumer diets and their nutritional pros and cons.

Food Labels Quiz

Take our quiz below to test your knowledge about food labels and see how informed the decisions you make in the grocery store really are.

Helping the Helpers: Academic Advising That Creates Resilient Students

When exploring graduate Master of Social Work (MSW) programs, it’s important for students to explore their options for academic support. At SocialWork@Simmons, we take a unique approach to academic advising that benefits our students both academically and personally throughout their time in the program.

How FNPs Can Navigate Child Nutritional Health and Food Insecurity

As the "Cafeteria Wars" rage on in Washington, food insecurity remains a pressing issue in American public schools. How can family nurse practitioners identify at-risk children, and talk with families during medical visits in school settings?